Designing No. 1 – a bold and clear identity for Germanys market leader.

Having worked closely with ZDF for quite a while on numerous projects and shows, 2012 brought us together on station design for the main channel. Advertising agency KNSK had just introduces a new lead visual into the off air campaign which we adopted for the screen. Brought to life with fluid and engaging animation, the on air promo

design package complemented KNSKs off air campaign layouts perfectly – laying the foundation for a full 360° experience. In 2014 we won the full branding tool pitch together with KNSK and completed the whole branding project – starting with strategy and ending with implementation. The latest iteration went live in spring 2016.


The iconic ballchair idents have been going strong for quite some time. Our rebrand made the message even clearer by introducing a signature logotransition to the idents endings – from threedimensional chair to clear logobranding. New idents by various directors introduced different interesting reveals – we finished them in post and even reedited a whole bunch of catalogue clips.


Clusters of similar content and/or important timeslots are branded boldly and strongly using our omnipresent keyvisual. The orange circle is integrated with oneshot live action (specifically shot; supplied by ZDF) and composed into the scenes to achive an imersive, additional quality.

Promotion Tools

Optimised and refined for clarity and seamlessness both in visual and in audience flow, all promotion-graphics are derived from the single most powerful branding element – the iconic logo. Subtle animation accompanies each text insert: at the beginning, throughout the body and

most importantly at the end of the trailer, communicating title and airtime. Transitions between trailers as well as leading into breaks and back to program are supported using an elegant graphic effect, thereby making edits feel vastly smoother.

Content Branding

Making origin clear on all platforms

Multiplatform content delivery and massively increased viewing options, make it very important to brand original programming. We created an elegant logoanimation to do just that.

It is placed prominently but unobstruivly in the lower middle of the screen to run on the opening shots of each original program.

Service Tools

Completing the package, all other applications, tools and templates were relaunched to match the clear style and subtle sophistication of the main elements. Commercial break splitscreens,

backgrounds for product presentation – prerendered and pre-compsed –  everything is delivered to fully integrate with technical and editorial workflows and requirements.


Quality is in the details

The uncompromising commitment to quality which is very much given at everything ZDF airs, lead to high quality execution of every element the redesign touched.

In this case bumpers that are manditoroly run before each programm containing age restricted content – the so called “FSK Hinweise”.


A complex design system is only as good as it’s qualification to function on a daily basis. To make sure everything stays consistent beyond the initial implementation phase

documentation is paramount. Style- and usage-guides were designed, written and produced in close collaborating with ZDF teams.